Gustafer Yellowgold


Why Ya’ Gotta Crash So Much Food? (Like the innocent pancake in this drawing)

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To honor the release of “Gustafer Yellowgold’s Year In The Day” DVD/CD set, we discuss the wonderfully positive response to hits such as Pancake Smackdown, I Jump On Cake, Punching Cheese, Pumpkin Pied and other favorites.

Q: Why does Gustafer Jump On Cake?
A: Ol’ Gus never had a Solar equivalent to what we call “pie” or “cake”, but the closest things were the large pucks of golden raisin-matter they used in olympic-style gaming in Solaria. The contests involved participants jumping from great laddered heights onto cushions of raisin, where they were subsequently judged on style, finesse, accuracy and stamina.

Q: Why does he punch those cheeses?
A: Because of the trouble he had in the all-cheese clothing store called “Wisconsin Poncho”. He’s never looked at a disc of Brie the same way again.

Q: Isn’t it a bit of a waste of decent food?
A: Gustafer’s solar makeup gives him a higher than normal body temperature than most mammals, so he always has a pretty good-sized following of woodland creatures. Any cake or cheese morsels that shrapnel about him are always quickly munched up by the happy bird and fur-folk. Thus, no wastage.

Q: Are there any more food violence videos to come?
A: Stay near, dear believers. We have only scratched the flapjack.

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