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Arts Enrichment

Gusealangelo illustrationThe Gustafer Yellowgold ARTS ENRICHMENT program is committed to inspiring creativity through art and music in education by offering professional and fun workshops for grades K-12 in cartooning/illustration and songwriting, as well as providing materials for teaching emotional literacy. The program encourages children’s innate creativity, boosts creative thinking and problem solving, while expanding their experience and appreciation of the arts.

The Gustafer Yellowgold ARTS ENRICHMENT program is taught by Morgan Taylor, creator of the award-winning Gustafer Yellowgold music video series. Programs are customized in conjunction with individual schools’ needs and preferences and are accessible to children of all ages and abilities.

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Photo from Songwriting workshop
Songwriting workshop at UCDS, Seattle, WA.

Songwriting And Cartooning/Illustration

The Songwriting workshop is a journey into the art of song. Students learn about popular song form, study lyric writing including melody, rhythm, cadence and rhyme while writing their first songs in a workshop setting. All students are encouraged to participate and contribute to the process as Morgan leads the group in a fun and creative experience. Songs are recorded during the session.

In the Cartooning/Illustrating workshop Morgan guides students through “step-by-step character building” tasks/projects, focused around his own work on Gustafer Yellowgold. Workshops range from basic “How to draw Gustafer” to more in-depth explorations of sequential panel art, plot basics and character creation and development. Topics include anatomy, character study and development. The focus of each workshop is customized for different age groups and needs.

Photo from Character Development workshop
Character Development workshop at St Mary and St Benedict’s RC Primary School, Coventry, UK.

The songs and illustrations that are created during the workshops can be presented in an impressive slideshow in conjunction with a performance of Gustafer Yellowgold’s Show to the school and families.

Emotional Literacy

Emotional literacy materials are available and can be sent in advance to schools, together with a package of all four DVD/CD sets with which teachers can familiarize the children with the material, using the worksheets as a basis for an emotional literacy/Gustafer focused class. Children can then collect and compose their own questions for Morgan during his visit. (Read More)

Golden Heart Symphony

Full orchestral charts are available for a selection of Gustafer Yellowgold songs, for performances by school orchestras, with Morgan Taylor and The Yellowgold Band.

Photo from Orchestral rehearsal
Orchestra rehearsal at San Francisco School for the Arts, San Francisco, CA.
Morgan with students

Morgan Taylor performing for students

Morgan Taylor visited our school for a week’s worth of workshops and performances. It was the perfect match for celebrating our yearlong theme study for design. Morgan’s cartooning, storytelling, and songwriting skills were on full display as he led the students in creating original characters and their wonderfully strange and musical world, Underville. It should be noted that while Morgan had an existing system for his school visits he displayed great flexibility and enthusiasm for trying something different that would mesh with our goals and schedules. I highly recommend you consider Morgan to be an artist in residence at your school; it’s a one of a kind experience for your students and community!
Drew Holloway – University Child Development School, Seattle, WA
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Gustafer Yellowgold appealed to all the children almost from the first moment he appeared on screen. They loved the songs and were eager to hear more about Gustafer’s adventures and meet more of his friends. The music and graphics are imaginative and provide excellent material for work in literacy and the arts. The children just wanted more!
Helen Jones, Head Mistress – Lady Boswell’s Primary School, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

Whenever I can get students to be so enthusiastic about reading aloud in front of their peers, I take notice. Preparing for a visit by Gustafer Yellowgold, I came across the magic that he instills in my young learners. The Gustafer Yellowgold DVD’s have a sing along track that eager students belt out while they are smiling and giggling. We had Gustafer visit us twice this year. Word spread quickly that the performance was a must see and we anticipated lots of fun. I underestimated… it was just amazing! So much humor, music, storytelling and enchantment took place in the library media center that I was able to refer to the fascinating event for the rest of the school year. During the concert Morgan told anecdotes and challenged the students’ imaginations. He interacted with the kids, taking suggestions and hearing their ideas. It’s a wonderful way for kids to experience learning.
Karen Kosko, Head Librarian – Haggerty Elementary School, Cambridge, MA, USA

The artist was very pleasant and easy to work with for set-up and load out. The show sounded and looked fantastic and the kids were clapping along spontaneously. A very memorable show. The kids were cheering and saying how much they loved it on the way out after the show.
Ben Davis – Carrboro Elementary, Carrboro, NC

Our performance went really well. We had K-2 which was a perfect age. The kids really liked the music and were clapping along to the songs.
Annette Horlbeck – Rashkis Elementary, Chapel Hill, NC

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